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Projects : Schiphol Privium Clublounge


A Privium membership enables frequent flyers to make the most of their precious time. Priority parking, fast security and passport checks, relaxing in the exclusive Privium Lounges and more. 


Create an immersive impression of the Schiphol Privium Clublounge that enables frequent flyers to virtually walk around and get a good feel about it's uniqueness.

Interactive Virtual Tour | Privium Clublounge (Schiphol)


Creation of an interactive Matterport virtual tour (above) and production of standard teaser video's (right) as well as high resolution 2D photographic images, derived from this virtual tour, after completion (below).

Teaser Video | Privium Clublounge (Schiphol)

High Resolution 2D Photo (download from Interactive Virtual Tour)

Screenprints Interactive Virtual Tour integration on website (just oneliner; see yellow box)


An impression is when the page that contains the virtual tour loads successfully. For embedded spaces, an impression is counted before a user clicks to load the space   

VISITS 7.210 (92%)

A visit is when the virtual tour loaded successfully and is ready to explore. For embedded spaces, a visit is counted after a user clicks the play button

UNIQUE VISITS 6.244 (87%)

Number of visits from distinct users


Number of visits from repeated users

(since May 4, 2019)

Viewer Statistics - Interactive Virtual Tour

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